Review: Capricious by Gabrielle Prendergast

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Review: Capricious by Gabrielle PrendergastCapricious
Author: Gabrielle Prendergast
Pages: 352 (Hardcover)
Publisher: Orca
Release Date: April 1, 2014
Source: For Review

Ella's grade-eleven year was a disaster ("Audacious"), but as summer approaches, things are looking up. She's back together with her brooding boyfriend, Samir, although they both want to keep that a secret. She's also best buddies with David and still not entirely sure about making him boyfriend number two. Though part of her wants to conform to high school norms, the temptation to be radical is just too great. Managing two secret boyfriends proves harder than Ella expected, especially when Samir and David face separate family crises, and Ella finds herself at the center of an emotional maelstrom. Someone will get hurt. Someone risks losing true love. Someone might finally learn that self-serving actions can have public consequences. And that someone is Ella.

4 Stars

After that awesome ending to Audacious, I was excited to read Capricious to see how that situation would play out. Ella is finally back at school after her suspension, and she’s trying to get her life back on track. She doesn’t want to fit in anymore than she did before, but she’s reigning it in a bit. She’s back with Samir, although secretly. She also has David, who she feels is the other half to her perfect whole boyfriend. Ella is also trying to get a job, but her skills at creating controversial and illegal art isn’t helping her any.

Capricious does focus a lot on the love triangle, which I really enjoyed. I loved seeing Ella and Samir’s relationship develop in the previous book, even though I never thought they’d work out. Her relationship with David was unexpected, but also interesting. He’s more quiet than Samir is, and is there for her when she needs him and vice versa. This could not end well though, since Ella and Samir are secretly together, and he thinks David is just a friend, while David thinks she’s over Samir. Ella selfishly wants to keep them both, but of course, their paths must cross at some point and it all blows up in her face.

I really liked Capricious, although not quite as much as Audacious, since I don’t think anything could top Ella’s masterpiece. I did like watching her slowly realize that she’s not only hurting herself with her actions, but those around her. Samir also continued to intrigue me, since he’s quite a hypocrite when it comes to his faith, so it was no wonder Ella wanted David, too. Now that Ella has made it through her junior year, I do have to wonder what being a senior will bring for her!

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