The Taylor Swift (Makes My Ears Bleed) Book Tag!

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I really, really do not like Taylor Swift. I do think she’s an evil genius, but her voice (singing and talking) grates on my nerves, and I think she’s pretty mean. Of course, fellow Taylor loather, Jessi @ Novel Heartbeat had to tag me to do the Taylor Swift Book Tag! I may hate her few songs that I do know, but they did inspire some interesting questions. So, without further adieu….

The Taylor Swift Book Tag

We Are Never Getting Back Together

A book/series that I thought I loved, but then wanted to break up with.


A book with a red cover.

The Best Day

A book that makes me feel nostalgic.

Love Story

A book with forbidden love.

I Knew You Were Trouble

A book with a bad character that you couldn’t help but love.


A book that someone spoiled the ending for.

Everything Has Changed

A character from a book who does through extensive character development.

You Belong With Me

My most anticipated release.

Forever and Always

My favorite book couple.

Begin Again

A series that deserves a second chance.


My favorite fictional world.

Last Kiss

A series that I’m not ready to let go of, even though it ended.


A series I’m glad is over.

Wildest Dreams

My favorite fictional guy.


A book I found by accident that I ended up loving.

All You Had to Do Was Stay

N/A (I’ve never DNF)

A book I DNFed that I wish I’d given another change.

Who’s next…

Whether you love, hate, or are indifferent to Miss Swift, I invite you to do this tag!

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11 responses to “The Taylor Swift (Makes My Ears Bleed) Book Tag!

  1. Hahahaa I love the title of your post! Yep, her voice is definitely nerve-grating.
    Oh my gosh, Goosebumps!! I don’t think I read more than 1 or 2 of the books, but I was obsessed with the show when I was younger. I miss it!
    FIST BUMP for favorite couple and fictional guy! YAY WARNER!! <3333
    I really need to give Beautiful Creatures another chance, too. I enjoyed the first book, but wasn't really impressed with the second, so I never finished the series. *sigh*

    • Angie

      Thanks, Jessi! 😀

      I was a total Goosebumps and Fear Street addict! I didn’t get to watch the show too often, since it came on while I was on my way home from school, so I’d just catch the ending.

      I liked, but didn’t like the first Beautiful Creatures. Like…I liked the story, but not the whole book. So I want to give the second one a try, especially since I really liked the movie.

    • Angie

      Wow, I’m surprised how many of us hate Taylor! I see a ton of Taylor love on Twitter, so I guess we’re all just well hidden. 😉

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