Review: Quanta (The Shadow Ravens, #2) by Lola Dodge

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Review: Quanta (The Shadow Ravens, #2) by Lola DodgeQuanta
Series: The Shadow Ravens #2
Author: Lola Dodge
Pages: 256 (Kindle)
Publisher: Ink Monster
Release Date: October 13, 2015
Source: For Review
Purchase: Amazon

In the not-too-distant future, DNA determines a person’s place in the social hierarchy. The immortal Seligo rule while those branded as Red Helixes are killed at birth before their genetic instabilities can morph into destructive, uncontrollable powers.
Quanta is the rare exception to the Red Helix curse. Her code is unprecedented, making her a valuable specimen, but when the scientists figure out how she ticks, her organs will be in jars on Dr. Tenma Nagi’s desk. She’s only survived to twenty by playing catatonic and suppressing her ability to see through time and manipulate objects in space.
When genetics prodigy Altair Orpheus enters her padded prison, everything changes. His picture-perfect body looks like it was built from a catalog (it probably was), and he does the unthinkable, treating Quanta like a person instead of a lab rat. She falls hard for this bespectacled hottie in mismatched socks.

4 Stars

Quanta was kind of crazy! I totally did not expect most of that to go down. For the past ten years, Quanta has been a prisoner and lab rat. She’s a Red Helix with the very rare gift of clairvoyance. She can see the past and future after glimpsing the “timeghost” of a person, place, or thing. This makes her a very powerful asset to those who wish to take down the Shadow Ravens, as she spent ten years with them as well. Too bad that Quanta isn’t going to give up information that easily, but once a new guy appears in the lab, her powers take an interesting (and deadly) turn.

I really enjoyed Quanta, especially how the namesake’s ability worked. She isn’t all powerful or all knowing. Like I said, she needs something to prompt her visions. But even then, whether she sees forward or backward isn’t always up to her. And while the past is set in stone, the future isn’t, so she sees all kinds of possible futures–some more clear than others. Of course, meeting the mysterious new guy, Altair, changes her ability in a big way. I won’t tell you what, but it’s pretty intense and leads to a lot of action and danger!

There isn’t as much romance in Quanta as there was in Cipher, but I’m okay with that because there’s more coming! Quanta and Altair had more to think about than kissing. Death is a very real possibility for both of them as he tries to break her out of her lab-prison. Even though Quanta can see the future, that doesn’t really help them escape. It just shows them what’s possible and what’s not. It’s like a map of sorts. Most of the book takes place on the same day, because of reasons!

Quanta was really great. It kept me furiously flipping pages to see what would come next, and while it left me with a happy ending, there’s obviously more to come. Not everything is resolved! There are bad people lurking around!

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