Mini Review: Quanta Rewind (The Shadow Ravens, #4) by Lola Dodge

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Mini Review: Quanta Rewind (The Shadow Ravens, #4) by Lola DodgeQuanta Rewind
Series: The Shadow Ravens #4
Author: Lola Dodge
Pages: 236 (Kindle)
Publisher: Ink Monster
Release Date: April 25, 2017
Source: For Review
Purchase: Amazon

With more and more Red Helixes turning up missing or dead, the Shadow Ravens are ready to take their fight to Doctor Nagi himself.

But breaking into Alpha Citadel is no cakewalk, and Quanta isn’t so sure about this whole “teamwork” thing.

If she and the Ravens can’t learn to work together, no amount of rewinding time will save them from the inevitable.

And if the Seligo win, everyone loses.

4 Stars

Quanta Rewind is another fast, fun, and exciting addition to this series! Quanta, Altair, and the other Shadow Ravens are bunkered up and trying to figure out their next move. They need to rescue their friends, which includes Tair’s sister, but Quanta is having trouble seeing a future where that happens and they all survive. But time is running out, so Quanta and Company need to pull a plan together fast. Of course, this means trying out different things, learning along the way, and Quanta rewinding them when things go deadly wrong.

Almost anything that I say about Quanta Rewind is going to be a spoiler! Quanta has a very difficult mission in front of her. She needs to watch out for mistakes, make sure they correct them, and not die along the way so that she can start everyone over. Obviously her power isn’t a 100% guarantee, because that would be boring, so of course things happen to make it seem like everything isn’t going to be alright. I do wonder if this will be the final book? The ending did seem like a good place to end, but there’s also still so much to be done in this dangerous world. I really enjoyed it either way, and would be satisfied if this was the end for Quanta and everyone.

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