Mini Review: Shatterproof by Xen Sanders

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Mini Review: Shatterproof by Xen SandersShatterproof
Author: Xen Sanders
Pages: 191 (Kindle)
Publisher: Riptide Publishing
Release Date: September 3, 2016
Source: Purchased
Purchase: AmazonTBD (affiliate link)

Saint’s afraid to die. Grey can’t stand to live.

Grey Jean-Marcelin wants to die. He thought painting his passion — vivid portrayals of Haitian life and vodou faith — would be enough to anchor him to this world. But it isn’t. And when the mysterious man known only as Saint saves Grey from a suicide attempt, it’s more curse than blessing — until Grey discovers that Saint isn’t just an EMT. He’s a banished fae, and can only survive by draining the lives of those he loves.

All Saint needed was a simple bargain: one life willingly given for another. But as Saint’s feelings for Grey grow deeper, centuries of guilt leave him desperate to save a man who doesn’t want salvation, even if Grey’s life means Saint’s death.

When Grey’s depression consumes him, only he can decide if living is worth the struggle. Yet his choice may come too late to save his life . . . or Saint’s soul. And whatever choice he makes, it may shatter them both.

4 Stars

Shatterproof was very dark, but also very sweet. Grey is an artist who has been struggling with depression and has decided to end his life. However, his attempt goes wrong and he’s rushed to the hospital. When Grey opens his eyes, the first face he sees is Saint, the EMT on duty. Saint is a fae who needs to take the lives of those he loves in order to stay alive, and he sees an opportunity in Grey. He’ll help him die, so that he can live himself, without the guilt. Of course, it doesn’t work out that way.

Shatterproof does sound like a very dark and sad story, and it is for the most part, but it does end with hope and love. Saint has gone two hundred years alone. He has brief romances with artists, but they always end with their death at his hand. He hopes that this time can be different, but he falls for Grey and wants him to live. But if there was a way to save him, would Grey even want to live? It’s a very heartbreaking situation. And no, this is absolutely not a saved by the power of love Romance even though there is a happy ending. Grey is depressed. Love does not change that. Perhaps it gives him a reason to not want to die anymore, but it doesn’t cure him.

I can’t say too much about Shatterproof with spoiling everything, because it is a very short book. This is not your typical Paranormal Romance at all, but it’s a good one.


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