Review + Flip-Through: Chalkboard Art Coloring Book by CJ Hughes

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Review + Flip-Through: Chalkboard Art Coloring Book by CJ HughesChalkboard Art
Series: Creative Haven
Illustrator: CJ Hughes
Pages: 64 (Paperback)
Publisher: Dover Publications
Release Date: November 18, 2015
Source: Purchased
Purchase: AmazonTBD (affiliate link)

Colorists can make the grade with 31 chalkboard-style designs printed on a realistic, black background. Each illustration features an inspiring saying, from "Dream Big" and "Love Conquers All" to "Choose Happiness" and "Make Someone Smile." Illustrations are printed on perforated pages for easy removal and display.

4 Stars

The big draw for me for Chalkboard Art was the black background. I love it! Of course, it makes perfect sense for the pages to be black, since chalkboards are generally black. Although it would have been interesting to see some with the green background as well. In addition to the black surface, the coloring areas also contain some texture lines to look like chalk strokes. All of the coloring pages are motivational quotes and sayings which can further lift your mood while you color for relaxation.

I haven't colored in a while, so I chose something quick and easy! 🖍Chalkboard Art by CJ Hughes

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The paper for Chalkboard Art is nice. It’s white and thick, although not the thickest that I’ve come across. Alcohol based markers do bleed through (Sharpies especially) and leave shadows on the back of the page. Thankfully, each coloring page is printed on the front only, so none of the pictures will be ruined if you use markers or colored pens. I would suggest putting a piece of paper or cardboard under the page you’re working on to avoid any accidental dots of ink from sticking. However, each page is perforated, so you also have the option to remove the page instead.

My only complaint about Chalkboard Art would be that some of the sayings are hard to read at first glance. For several of them, I had to stare at the page for a moment and change the angle to figure out what it says. However, once you get to coloring, it’s easy to make the words pop and be more legible. I do wish there had been more than just quotes included. Many of them do have decorations around them such as flowers, books, and swirls. But some pages without words would have rounded this one out nicely.

Chalkboard Art is a very fun coloring book. It’s one that I would describe as easy, since there are no really tiny details to fill in. The black background is also very forgiving of mistakes, so don’t worry about coloring outside the lines! While I do think colored pencil gives the best chalk effect, other media will work as well. Gel pens may cover the fine texture lines though.

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