Review: Only Hers (Taggart/Falcon, #2) by Francis Ray

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Review: Only Hers (Taggart/Falcon, #2) by Francis RayOnly Hers
Series: Taggart/Falcon #2
Author: Francis Ray
Pages: 288 (Mass Market Paperback)
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
Release Date: April 1, 1996
Source: Borrowed
Purchase: AmazonTBD (affiliate link)

When St. Louis nurse Shannon Johnson inherits a cabin in Texas, she hopes it will be the perfect getaway from her high-pressure job—and her low-energy love life. Unfortunately, the place is a rundown shack with no electricity…except for the sizzling sparks that fly when she meets Matt Taggart, the big strapping rancher next door.

One of the Lone Star State's most desirable bachelors, Matt Taggart has seen more than his share of gold-diggers—including his ex-wife—and he's sworn off love forever. He's convinced Shannon only wants a piece of his ranch. But when he challenges her to help him work the land, Matt begins to see Shannon for who she really is. And soon those sparks are igniting a fire they can't put out…

2 Stars

Only Hers was a very quick and very frustrating read. Shannon has just inherited part of the Taggart family ranch after the grandfather passes away. She had been his nurse and stayed in touch, but was still shocked to learn of the inheritance. After losing her own grandfather, Shannon needs to get away so she heads to the meadow that is now hers. Needless to say, Matt Taggart is not pleased to have his family’s land passed to an outsider. And he simply doesn’t believe Shannon when she says she doesn’t plan on keeping it; she just needs a vacation.

A Romance novel is only as strong as its main characters, and I did not like either of them in Only Hers at all. Matt is the tragic hero who’s been hurt by a woman before and now thinks they’re all lying tramps. He doesn’t let Shannon get a word in at the beginning, even though she legally does own the land. He simply doesn’t want to hear it, and once he does, he thinks she must have seduced or conned it out of his uncle. Meanwhile, Shannon cries about everything! I get that she’s stressed and depressed and is trying to heal, but anytime Matt opens his mouth, the waterworks come! Tell me, how did they fall in love?! Matt doesn’t say a single nice thing to her for the entire book. Even when he’s forcing his tongue down her throat, it’s to prove to her that all women are the same!

The only parts of Only Hers I liked were the scenes with Daniel Falcon. He’s filming a documentary about African-American cowboys and their history in the West, which was really interesting. I’m glad that he’s going to be the hero of the following book, because I like him already. I certainly can’t say the same for Shannon and Matt. I couldn’t bring myself to cheer for them, because there’s nothing to cheer for! He’s cruel and she’s spineless.

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