#FitReaders 5/12/17-5/18/17 Check In

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Fit Readers is a weekly meme and call to action for us bookworms to get up and get moving! It’s hosted by Felicia @ Geeky Bloggers Book Blog and Jen @ That’s What I’m Talking About. Each week, we’re asked to check in and share our fitness history. So let’s see how I got moving last week…

Current Fitness/Health Goals

  • Complete the Adore the Core Abs Challenge: 18 of 28 days
  • Yoga Every Night: 7 of 7 Days
  • Lose 25 Pounds: 11 of 25 Lost (+3)

Weekly Fitness Report

  • Friday (5/12): A really good stretch day! Then 56 Ballerina Twists. Then I worked on balancing my second chakra.
  • Saturday (5/13): I did 4 rounds of the Lean & Toned Arms workout followed by 28 Double Leg Lifts! Then I worked on balancing my third chakra.
  • Sunday (5/14): Abs Focus is hard! I had to take breaks between rounds, but I finished. Adore the Core was a 28 second Three Legged Dog, which showed me how imbalanced my flexibility is!
  • Monday (5/15): The new Arms Focus workout made me want to cry, but I did my best. I also did 28 Boat Crunches for Adore the Core. Then I worked on balancing my fifth chakra.
  • Tuesday (5/16): Did Booty Focus first thing in the morning followed by 56 Scissor Reaches for Adore the Core! Then I worked on balancing my sixth chakra.
  • Wednesday (5/17): I didn’t go as hard for Fat Burn Focus this time, since I didn’t want to jostle my arm too much, but I still got sweaty! The Adore the Core move of the day was a 28 second #4 Side Plank; super hard! Then I worked on balancing my seventh chakra.
  • Thursday (5/18): I definitely felt Leg Focus this time around! Adore the Core was Spider-Mans, which were killer! Then I did the final chakra balance.


How was your week? Did you meet your fitness goals?




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