Mini Review: All Over You (Devoured, #0.5) by Emily Snow

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Mini Review: All Over You (Devoured, #0.5) by Emily SnowAll Over You
Series: Devoured #0.5
Author: Emily Snow
Pages: 57 (Kindle)
Publisher: Touchstone
Release Date: November 30, 2012
Source: Freebie
Purchase: Amazon

Rock star Lucas Wolfe is used to getting his way, and when he meets the wardrobe assistant hired for his band’s newest video shoot, he wants her: preferably stripped down and bound to his bed. From the moment Sienna Jensen first obediently whispers “Yes, Mr. Wolfe,” he knows she’s perfect for him.

Now, he has three days to convince her…but he doesn’t plan on taking no for an answer.

Set two years before the events of Devoured, the novella All Over You tells the dark, sexy story of Sienna and Lucas’s first encounter.

3 Stars

All Over You is a quickie prequel to this series, set about two years prior to its beginning. Sienna has just gotten a job as a wardrobe assistant and her current assignment is for a music video. Lucas is the lead singer of the band and known for his womanizing ways, and soon his sights are set on Sienna rather than the model playing his love interest. Sienna requires a bit of convincing, but she goes out with Lucas and of course things take a steamy turn. Only to completely fizzle out, once things truly heat up.

I liked All Over You. The set up is a bit different than other rockstar romances that I’ve read. Mainly that this one is obviously not a whirlwind kind of romance. Sienna and Lucas’s date goes very wrong, and it takes two years for them to meet again (which does not happen here). I won’t spoil what happened to make them separate, even though we’re not given all of that information anyway. Let’s just say both of these characters have some baggage which they need to sort through before any kind of relationship can happen. Sienna’s was only hinted at, and it involves her mother. Lucas is dealing with an ex-wife who seems like a very unpleasant person and is clearly holding something over his head. While I do want to know what’s going on with both of these characters, I don’t think I was enticed enough by this little taste to pick up the first book.

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