Review: Warrior’s Woman (Ly-San-Ter, #1) by Johanna Lindsey

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Review: Warrior’s Woman (Ly-San-Ter, #1) by Johanna LindseyWarrior's Woman
Series: Ly-San-Ter #1
Pages: 448 (Mass Market Paperback)
Publisher: Avon
Release Date: June 1, 1990
Source: Borrowed
Purchase: AmazonTBD (affiliate link)

In the year 2139, fearless Tedra De Arr sets out to rescue her beleaguered planet Kystran from the savage rule of the evil Crad Ce Moerr.

Experienced in combat but not in love, the beautiful, untouched Amazon flies with Martha, her wise-cracking, free-thinking computer, to a world where warriors reigns supreme - and into the arms of the one man she can never hope to vanquish: the bronzed barbarian Challen Ly-San-Ter.

A magnificent creature of raw yet disciplined desires, the muscle-bound primitive succeeds where no puny Kystran male had before - igniting a raging fire within Tedra that must be extinguished before she can even think of saving her enslaved world...

4 Stars

Warrior’s Woman was absolutely ridiculous and I loved it! Tedra works security, at least until her planet is taken over, and women are being taken as slaves. She has connections and she uses that to head off-planet and to find a planet of warriors to help her fight and take her planet back. However, her computer, Martha, has some other plans once Tedra lands and comes face to face with Challen, the biggest man she’s ever seen.

Like I said, Warrior’s Woman is 100% ridiculous, and not because there’s interplanetary travel and planets of warriors and all that. It’s just so over the top and bizarre. Martha is a computer that can think, and she’s the bane of Tedra’s existence even if she is quite useful. Martha really thinks Tedra needs to get laid, so she abandons Tedra on this new planet, hoping Challen will fill that need. Well, Tedra is immediately struck by lust, so she doesn’t really mind being captured. But Tedra is not willing to be an obedient slave, which is basically what women are on this planet. She will fight for her freedom, but she also honors the terms of her defeat.

Challen is of course an alpha male. He’s even an alpha male who must have the heroine despite her protests. However, Tedra refuses to be raped and she says this many times. She also points out that she’s willing and quite enjoys “sharing sex” with Challen. She even takes things into her own hands at times, while still pointing out that she’s not his property and will be heading back to her ship ASAP. I really appreciated that the author covered the issue of consent because I was quite worried about it at first. So, yay!

Warrior’s Woman was also really fun and funny. Challen simply doesn’t believe that Tedra is from another planet despite everything that she tells him. It’s funny how he takes everything she says and makes it sounds utterly unbelievable, even though it’s all true. It’s just strange compared to his planet. And of course, the completely over-the-top everything had me laughing at times.

Warrior’s Woman was just a fun read. It’s not the greatest Romance that I’ve read. It certainly has its issues, but I had so much fun reading it that I couldn’t help but love it!

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One response to “Review: Warrior’s Woman (Ly-San-Ter, #1) by Johanna Lindsey

  1. oh I just love this book so much, its been a favorite since I started reading romance. Now its not one you take seriously, its crazy and fun and outrageous. Book 2 is pretty good as well.

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