It’s Monday and I’m Reading a Verse Novel!

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My blog rarely ever reflects what I’m actually reading, because I’m always ahead on reviews, or like right now, I’m not even writing reviews at all. But thanks to It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?, you’ll finally get to see what I’m reading, when I’m reading it, and what I plan to read next!

What I Just Read

  • Tessa Masterson Will Go to Prom: This one was a bit frustrating at the beginning, but I ended up adoring it!
  • Lizard Radio: The world-building was seriously lacking, otherwise I would have loved this one.
  • The You I’ve Never Known: Messed up! But not as messed up as her older books.
  • Landscape With Invisible Hand: So weird and so fun! Aliens in love with human love?!

What I’m Reading Now

I wasn’t sure if this one would be my thing, since I don’t like reading about the military. But I’m enjoying it and will finish today.

What I’m Going to Read

My last Ellen Hopkins book and I’ll be all caught up! Then something gay, because obviously.



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