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About Pinkindle

I created Pinkindle Reads & Reviews on a bit of a whim. After joining Goodreads in the summer of 2011, I also discovered book blogs and thought it looked like fun! Now, Pinkindle is four years old and holds an eclectic collection of reviews from Urban Fantasy, Science Fiction, Contemporary Romance, Nonfiction, and more! I didn’t want be a niche blogger, since I do read a vast variety of genres, so you really can find it all here.

About the Blogger

My name is Angie. I’m 26 years young, and obviously I’m a bookworm. Always have been, but with some breaks over the years. I got my bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science four years ago, and have yet to find a full-time job. Boo! But that just means I have more time to read and help you all discover new books!

You can learn more tidbits about me in my Life of a Blogger posts, including my favorite movies, my pets, other hobbies, and some weird quirks!

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  1. Thank you for including my short story in your blog. I’d be happy to send you the 1st e-book of the Pecan Creek series, Hotter than Texas, in appreciation for your tweet! Thank you so much!

  2. Hi Angie!
    Thought I’d say hi, since I’ve been kind of stalking your blog ^^
    I’m in CA too! It’s nice to meet a local blogger :]
    I’m finally putting up a Blogs I Love page on my blog and will be including your button!

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